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A Bad End to the Year

Olimpiu G. Urcan offers the following tragic-comic true story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer of December 30, 1910 (page 11). It’s not clear who won the game but we hope it was Carman.   G.B. Carman and his brother-in-law, Arthur Gradolph, living at 1343 E. 112th-st.,…

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10 Seconds with Garry Kasparov

Kingpin reader Eileen Bristow quizzes the former World Champion.             Eileen Bristow: Do you accept that you often contradict yourself? Garry Kasparov: No I do.   If you would like to interview a chess personality, send your question to

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‘The high-voltage board’: Arthur Koestler on chess

‘Chess is a game too noble to be left to the chess-players.’ So wrote Arthur Koestler, covering the Fischer–Spassky match for the Sunday Times in 1972. So bitter had he found the pre-match shenanigans that he likened his job to that of war correspondent. Of his two…

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