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Play Chess and Live Longer

Adrian Harvey reviews   The average life expectancy for males in the nineteenth century was forty-six.1 What is striking about this selection of major figures in Victorian chess is the very long lives they enjoyed. With the exception of Zukertort, whose lifespan was average for…

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5 HAL YANG mesti anda jauhi kala BERMAIN POKER ONLINE

Sekilas misal berapat soal pertunjukan judi poker online, bisa jadi kalian yang sempat berupaya bermain akan sudah prinsip bagaimanakah cara mendapat penguasaan tiap harinya menurut berasimilasi dimeja judi poker. Nah pada aplusan yang rupawan ini, awak akan mengasih artikel memikat yang wajib menurut agan ketahui…

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Peter Svidler’s Questionnaire

What is your earliest memory of playing chess? I have quite a few, including the ones my parents have described to me when I grew up, but the very earliest is the recollection of beating some dude a year older than me when at the…

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An Appeal

Hello. Can you help? My 14-year-old son’s looking for a web-site where he can spend some spare time each day posting about chess games. He wants a forum which is free and not at all stuffy and where he can say whatever he reckons about…

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