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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 20

UK: £4.00 Europe: £5.00  RoW: £6.00  The Kingpin Questionnaire GM Jim Plaskett Staunton – The Play IM Colin Crouch Confessions of a Crooked Chess Master IM Michael Basman Forum Edward Winter Sophisticated Ideas for Club Players: No.2 ‘Detonation’ GM Mikhail Tseitlin Letters Game of the…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issues 17/18

OUT OF STOCK Love and the King’s Indian GM Eduard Gufeld Plaskett on the g7 Bishop GM Jim Plaskett The 140-year-old Novelty IM Colin Crouch A Game that Mattered IM Chris Ward Great Swindles of Our Time IM Colin McNab Playing the Petroff to Win…

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