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CARA enteng berhasil berlagak pergelaran POKERACE99 ONLINE

terdapat mahal banget pedoman yang sudah hamba sebarkan ambang kamu di artikel-artikel yang ceratai tentanghal pergelaran pokerace99 online. separuh diantaranya emang menuding trik yang sudah dibaha dengan cara awam, biarpun pembedanya pada informasi ego dibincangkan dengan cara meresap maka pangkal bettor tentu amat lebih bacar…

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The Last Romantic

 Schmidt – Rossolimo Heidelberg, 1949 Black to play   This game is annotated in Victor Kahn’s La Conduite de la Partie d’Echecs, an attractive little book brimming with instructive examples of attacking chess. Too bad that it’s in French and long out of print. One of the great chess…

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Combo Absurdo

With his sharp eye for the unusual and the bizarre, Tony Miles offered this ‘candidate for the most absurd combination of the year award’.  Bellon–Sosonko Amsterdam 1978 Having been positionally outplayed Bellon now produced the incredible 21 Bxa6!!??? The ‘justification’ lying in the variation 21…Bxa6 22…

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The Fine Art of Swindling – Defined

 Jonathan Rogers There are many ways in which chess literature suffers from the fact that the game is not a recognised academic study. Take, for example, the imprecision of our terminology; we all use various chess words but seem to mean different things when doing…

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