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Eternal, Beautiful and True

‘The thing for which Fischer’s friends most value him is an elusive purity of spirit, an integrity of purpose which springs from his respect for chess not just as a game or an intellectual discipline, but something eternal, beautiful and true. This unbending dedication does…

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Pub Chat with Jimmy Adams part 1

‘I love Bobby Fischer!’ Recorded interview with Sarah Hurst. Jimmy Adams began his chess career at the age of 11, when he joined a local chess club in Islington, North London. He soon became a London Junior Champion but then played relatively little chess throughout…

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‘The high-voltage board’: Arthur Koestler on chess

‘Chess is a game too noble to be left to the chess-players.’ So wrote Arthur Koestler, covering the Fischer–Spassky match for the Sunday Times in 1972. So bitter had he found the pre-match shenanigans that he likened his job to that of war correspondent. Of his two…

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