Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 30

UK: £5.00 

Europe: £6.00 

RoW: £7.00 


The Kingpin Questionnaire

Bent Larsen

Reflections from the Chelsea and Westminster
Nigel Davies

Chess and Sex: The Survey
Stuart Conquest

Winning with the Irish Pawn Centre?!
Alex Baburin

Gary Lane’s Agony Column

Winning with Feng Shui
Gary Lane

The Exposed King
Lev Khariton on Karpov

Grandmaster’s Diary
Tony Kosten

Chess and Politics
John Watson

Memoirs of a Mediocre Chess Player
Antony Mann

Problem Safari
Colin Russ

A Tangled Web
Sarah Hurst

Duchamp Dada: A Reappraisal
Allan Savage

Edward Winter


Irrational Curriculum
Ed Horton

Book Reviews

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