More #crapchessbooks

Further non-essential reading offered by chess players inspired by Tony Miles’ infamous two-word book review.

deeper blue

(Mark Thornton)

Winning Database Dumps

by Many English Grandmasters

(Mig Greengard)


How I Plan to Overthrow Kirsan in the Next FIDE Election

by Nigel Short

(Sarah Hurst)


Tarts, Totty, Thailand and Tony’s Girlfriend: Nigel Short On Women (Virago)  

(Justin Horton)


How to Lose Magnanimously

by Viktor Kortchnoi

(Carl Portman)

cyrus cover 1

(Olimpiu Urcan)

It was only a fingerfehler (iPhone edition)  

by Sebastien Feller

(David Smerdon)


Domination in 2,345 Positions

by K Sutra

(Jon Levitt)

My Best Tactical Bloodbaths

by Ulf Andersson

 (Mark Thornton)


Modern Succinctness in Action: the Art of Short Chessbook Reviews in the 21st Century (New Extended Edition)

by John Watson



Reciprocal Zugzwang in Pieceless and Pawnless Endgames

by John Nunn

(Jon Levitt)

 raymondo mag cover 9

(Olimpiu Urcan)


A Chess Player’s Guide to Skhanty-Panty and Other Venues in Bakh-ov-Bejond

by K. Ilyumzhinov

(David Robertson)

It’s Only Me

by Ray Keene

(David Robertson)


Dawn French on Smothered Mate

(Carl Portman)


The Bluffer’s Guide to Copyright Law

by Raymond Keene

(Mark Thornton)

Ilyumzhilla: A Pictorial

by Berik Balgabaev and Chess News Agency

(Olimpiu Urcan)


Rich as a ‘kin Polgar

by S. Polgar

(Jonathan Bryant)


A Man of No Importance: The Autobiography of Stewart Reuben

(Justin Horton)


Tony Buzan. The Columbus of Our Minds: A Pseudo-Biography

by Raymond Keene

(Olimpiu Urcan)


Chess Proves Evolution Doesn’t Exist: Coincidence?

by H. James Plaskett

(Sarah Hurst)

 KP 39

Chess Peesychology: How to Use Water Closets to Throw Your Opponents Off Balance

edited by Silvio Danailov

(Ola Winfridsson)


The Audacity of Appeasement: Why Barack Obama is No Child of Change

by Garry Kasparov

(Olimpiu Urcan)


How to Play the English Press

by Raymond Keene

(Dan Scoones)

How Not to Beat Gary Kasparov

by Alexei Shirov

(Dan Scoones)

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  1. Chris Goddard says:

    “My Huge Digestive System” by Raymond Keene

  2. Chris Goddard says:

    “My 60 Memorable Embellishments” by Raymond Keene

  3. Trevor Brotherton says:

    “Long Time No See Vol 1 (A Games Collection)” Brian Eley

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