The Underdog


The Grandmaster scowled at the autograph hunter and dutifully scribbled on the ticket.

He had just blundered a game away, losing horribly in under 25 moves. That he, a World Championship candidate no less, had crushed his young English opponent in a simultaneous display the week before only added to the humiliation.

A bleak end to a miserable tournament.

White to play

Would you capture the knight or play Qf3?


One of the biggest upsets in an English tournament.

Viktor Korchnoi (© Mark Huba)


John Hawksworth secured the IM title with this win and retired from chess shortly afterwards to pursue a career in finance.

He is now a leading economist.

With thanks to George Green.

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  1. Toby Spiders says:

    Excellent article. This must have felt so good to win for white.

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