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Ahead of His Time

  Louis Paulsen A Chess Biography with 719 Games Hans Renette 448 pages | hardback | 108 illustrations | $75.00 Jefferson: McFarland, 2019 Jonathan Hinton Author Hans Renette has established himself as a leading chess historian with the publication of his immense 2016 biography of…

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Fiendish Moves #3

 Uitumen – Lein Sochi, 1965 Black to play      12…h5!! A fine move, and the only good one.      13 fxe5 Bg4 14 Qb3 Qf2      15 Qxb7? It was better to play 15 Rd1, and if 15…Be2 only then 16 Qxb7.  15…Qxe1…

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50 Must Reads

Jimmy Adams, Baden Baden 1925 International Chess Tournament: The Arrival of Hypermodern Chess (Yorklyn: Caissa Editions, 1991)   Alexander Alekhine, My Best Games 1924–37 (London: G. Bell and Sons, 1939)   Frank Brady, Endgame: Thee Spectacular Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer (London: Constable. 2011) David…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 33

  UK: £5.00  Europe: £6.00  RoW: £7.00    Grandmaster’s Diary Tony Kosten Not Without My Photographer Chris Depasquale Gary Lane’s Agony Column Cryptic Crossword The Top 100 Colin Crouch Spot the Losing Continuation Richard Forster Do Not Adjust Your Chess Set… Stuart Conquest Chess and…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 28

UK: £4.00  Europe: £5.00  RoW: £6.00    The Kingpin Questionnaire Yasser Seirawan The Art of Not Preparing Nigel Davies Pawn Storm Richard Forster Gary Lane’s Agony Column Gary Lane Dispenses Invaluable Advice Gazza’s Gaffes Colin Crouch How Good Are You at Emulating Morphy’s Opponents? Chris…

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