Victor Bologan: 20 Questions

Victor Bologan


Moldovan grandmaster Victor (Viorel) Bologan was born on 14 December 1971. His dynamic style has brought him numerous tournament victories including Dortmund 2003 (ahead of Kramnik, Anand and Leko), the Aeroflot Open (also 2003) and the Canadian Open (2005) and (with Zahar Efimenko) the 40th Bosnia International in Sarajevo (2010). He has represented Moldova in 10 Olympiads. Latterly he has devoted his time to writing, presenting and teaching chess.


What is your earliest memory of playing chess?

With my dad when I was 7.


What is your most memorable game?

With White against Anand, Dortmund 2003.

What was your worst defeat?

All defeats are painful.


Which living player do you most admire?



How do you relax?

Sport, reading.


What/who is your favourite band/music/composer?

Zdob si Zdub, a Moldovan band.


What is your favourite record?

Moldovenii s-au nascut.


What makes you happy?



What do you consider to be your greatest weakness as a chess player?



What is your greatest strength?


Victor Bologan poster

How would you characterise your chess-playing style?

Universal but tending towards attacking domination.


Which book would you take to a desert island?

The Bible.


Against which player do you have the worst results?



What do you consider to be your most important contribution to opening theory?

My books and DVDs all are important.


What was your most embarrassing moment at the chess board?

Maybe when I had a winning position, no time and big need to go to WC.


Who is the chess writer you most enjoy reading, and why?

I like Dvoretsky’s books for their clear language and practical contribution to my play.


Which single thing would most improve the global chess scene?

Stop changing the rules.


If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I would go back to when I was 10 and everything was very interesting and new for me.


Who is the most irritating opponent you have faced?

There are a few but I mostly ignore them.


Who is the most courteous person you have played?

Old school is very educated.


In which tournament do you most like to compete?



What keeps you awake at night?



Are there any other sports/activities at which you excel?

I am busy with my chess in schools programme in Moldova, as well with writing books and making Chess DVDs.


‘This is a Victor Bologan Selected Gamesbook that ought to be read by every chessplayer who is serious about continuing to mature as a player.’

Garry Kasparov

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