It’s Really Him

Nearly fifty years ago CHESS published this irate letter:

CHESS (October 1973)

It provoked a lively response:

CHESS (November 1973)

One reader sprang to Mr Lorley’s defence with knowing verve:

CHESS (December 1973)


Having made his point, Mr Lorley kept a dignified silence. No one knows what became of Stanley Lorley. He seems not to have belonged to a chess club and soon vanished from the chess scene.

So who was he?

CLUE: in 1973 a student living in Sheffield qualified for the International Master (IM) title.



anagrams to



Anagram Sam, the main man


And what of ‘M. Lewis’ of Finsbury Park?

The clue is in the name.

Featured image: Sir George Thomas in 1936.

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