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a must-read for everyone who doesn’t take chess too seriously; it’s especially a must-read for everyone who does take chess seriously!


“. . . very, very entertaining . . . some of the back issues were classics and I have some of them at home . . . Kingpin is a very, very nice magazine”

Peter Svidler, chess24

excellent production quality and content . . .  the only chess magazine worth buying besides NIC

M.K. Lee, Kuala Lumpur

You can buy all 23 available issues of Kingpin for the bargain price of £95 (UK) including postage.

UK – £ 95.00

Europe – £ 115.00

USA & RoW – £ 130.00


  1. Chris says:

    Seems I have a kindred spirit in Kingpin.

    My proposed design for Wolverhampton Chess Club …

  2. Geurt Gijssen says:

    Which numbers of Kingpin are still available?

    1. Jon Manley says:

      13-16, 20-38, 40, 41

  3. geurt Gijssen says:


    I am interested in the numbers 13,14, 16 and 40. How much I have to oay for these numbers? By te way, how many Kingpins are published?

    Best regards,

  4. Big Fan says:

    I already have all your back issues. Sometimes, I can even find them.

    But what I really want to know, when is the next issue??

    No excuses please, we all know that the time is very very ripe for your insights. The firm of Hans, Hikaru, Magnus, Rensch eagerly awaits your views!

  5. I have all your back issues. Sometimes I can even find them. But when is the next one coming out??

    Your input into current chess affairs is eagerly needed and sorely anticipated.

    No worries, the firm of Hans, Hikaru, Magnus & Rensch will not be disturbing you in your duties. Carry on!

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