Fiendish Moves #1


 Eliskases – Henneberger

Bad Liebwerda, 1934

Black to play


Walter Henneberger (1883–1969) was a Swiss master whose career as a school teacher afforded him few opportunities to compete in  international tournaments. In the early 1900s he won the Swiss Championship four times but was well into middle age before he met world-class opposition.

Austrian Erich Eliskases (1913–1997) was a rising star Alekhine later tipped as a World Championship contender.



     27 Bxf7+?

White had to play 27 Rxg6+! Kf8! 28 g4 Qxg6 29 Qxe5 with equal chances.





White can’t prevent …Rh1 mate.

Richard Forster’s The Zurich Chess Club, 1809–2009 (McFarland, 2011) has several gems like this.

Zurich Chess Club


Now watch Henneberger make short work of Nimzowitsch:


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