Fiendish Moves #2


 Kupper – Leepin

Basel, 1954

White to play


Black has nothing to fear from 27 Qd8+ Kh7 28 Nf8+ Kh6 29 Qd4 Re2 when the position is equal.

     27 Nf8!

A brilliant move, and the only decisive one.



27…Qxe5 fails to 28 Nxg6 fxg6 29 Qc4+ wining the rook on a2.

      28 Rd8 Ra1+ 29 Kh2 Qxe5+ 30 f4kupper3     30…g5 31 Ne6 mate



Richard Forster’s The Zurich Chess Club, 1809–2009 (McFarland, 2011) sparkles with such little-known jewels.

Zurich Chess Club


Dr Josef Kupper (1932–) is a Swiss master who retired from active play in the 1960s to pursue a banking career.  He won the Swiss Championship in 1954.

Here he dispatches a former world champion with another conclusive (but easier to find) knight-to-the-side move:


Euwe – Kupper

Mont Chaumont, 1958

Black to play


A curious position where the rooks and knight threaten to mate both kings.

Black strikes first:

     41…Nd1+ 0-1

It’s mate after 42 Kc1 Ra1+ 43 Kd2 Rb2+, because the knight covers the c3 escape square.



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