Alekhine Checkmated



‘I am proud and happy’

Rare film footage of Alekhine proposing a toast to the victor after losing his world title to Euwe in 1935

‘The greatest game that I have ever lost.

This game is a perfect example of Alekhine’s courage, his self-confidence, his superlative attacking ability, his magnificent mastery of every psychological nuance. He knew how to make it difficult for his opponent, but he never shirked, never spared himself either. To continue to be so conscientious through the years is rare, even in the greatest chess masters.’

Reuben Fine

Chess Review (April 1946)

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  1. Nagesh Havanur says:

    Wonderful footage and a rare tribute from Reuben Fine!

  2. Jesteban6 says:

    21. Nh6+ gxh6 22. Bf6(Df3)#. Did the GM miss that or I AM the one missing something there?

    1. Jon Manley says:

      22…Bg7 or 21…Kh8 is fine for Black.

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