Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 34


KP34UK: £7.00

Europe: £9.00

RoW: £11.00


The Kingpin Questionnaire
Alexander Morozevich

A Clash of Opposites
Taylor Kingston on Carlos Torre and Norman Whitaker

Gary Lane’s Agony Column
The Aussie sage has all the answers

The Real World Champion
Justin Horton on who has the strongest claim to the title

‘I’ve experienced a lot and suffered a lot’
Viktor Korchnoi speaks to Richard Forster on his 70th birthday

‘Gazzateer’ of British Place Names
Professor Garry Kasparov

Stefan Zweig’s ‘Chess Novella’
Chris Ravilious examines the chess in a literary classic

From Our Afghan Correspondent
Osama Len Baden

Writing for Chess Magazines
Jules Welling on his life as a chess hack

Wedding Monthly
Chris Depasquale on the chess marriage of the year

Chess and Philosophy
Colin Crouch gets heavy

Gary Lane’s Grandmaster Myths

FIDE Goes Global
Arkan Takitall outlines his strategy for world domination

4NCL Underdog Bites Back
Jonathan Rogers on the drama of the Four Nations League

Edward Winter on Alekhine, prime ministers and Nazis

Book Reviews

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