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10 Seconds with Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan (of mind maps/memory fame) is the subject of an ‘official biography’ by Raymond Keene. Don Cherry probes Buzan on a couple of Keene’s claims about himself in the book. Don: Keene writes that he was ‘twice the winner of the Oscar for world’s…

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Reply to Appeal

The answer to my namesake’s appeal for a website suitable for his 14-year-old son must be that anyone after a place where people can shoot their mouths off without knowing anything or even being able to write should head straight for Maybe three messages in a hundred…

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10 Seconds with Borislav Ivanov

  Kingpin reader Clive Olley quizzes the rapidly improving Bulgarian.   Clive: Many people attribute your astonishing success to the fact that you are a born cheat.   Borislav: I refute these allegations. It has taken me many months of technical preparation.   If you would…

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How Good Is Your Hacking?

  Test Your Benko Refutations with Chris Ward Once upon a time there was an opening of great repute advocated by such English favourites as Hodgson, Hebden and Plaskett. Then along came a little-known Soviet player with the tactical flair of Adams, the optimism of…

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The Birmingham Blues

Stuart Conquest By my watch it is now some seven months since Tony Miles died. I was playing with the England team in Leon when the news came through. I remember coming down to breakfast that morning, picking out the usual assorted items from the…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 41

‘excellent production quality and content . . .  the only chess magazine worth buying besides NIC‘ M.K. Lee, Kuala Lumpur   UK: £7.00 Europe: £9.00 USA & RoW: £11.00     Kibitzing with the Poisoned Pawn Carlsen, Kirsan, Gaddafi and a new anagram for Nosher…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 40

UK: £7.00 Europe: £9.00 RoW: £11.00   ‘Publication of the British magazine Kingpin is always an eagerly-awaited event. Issue 40 has just appeared and  contains not only levity but also some deadly serious investigative journalism. Not to be missed.’ – Chess Notes Read a review…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 39

  OUT OF STOCK     Kibitzing with the Poisoned Pawn Chemical warfare and the carnally desirable opponent disturb our caustic commentator Gary Lane’s Agony Column More sound advice from the savvy IM Northern Man at the ECF Martin Regan on his campaign to revive…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 38

  UK: £7.00 Europe: £9.00 RoW: £11.00     The End of Mankind’s Humiliation? Morgan Daniels takes a ringside seat at the Adams v Hydra match Grandmaster’s Diary Tony Kosten gets tanked up Gary Lane’s Agony Column More sound advice from the savvy IM Painful…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 37

  UK: £7.00 Europe: £9.00 RoW: £11.00   Kibitzing The Poisoned Pawn skewers Nosher, noise and the rampant xenophobia of British chess Gary Lane’s Agony Column More sound advice from the savvy IM Vladimir Kramnik Stefan Goader asks the world champion why he is so…

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