Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 37


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Europe: £9.00

RoW: £11.00


The Poisoned Pawn skewers Nosher, noise and the rampant xenophobia of British chess

Gary Lane’s Agony Column

More sound advice from the savvy IM

Vladimir Kramnik
Stefan Goader asks the world champion why he is so boring

What’s the 4NCL Ever Done for Us?
As the Four Nations Chess League celebrates its tenth anniversary, Jonathan Rogers selects some highlights and looks into the future

The Road to Chess Improvement
Chris Depasquale proves conclusively that driving lessons improve your chess

Memoirs of a Mediocre Chess Player
More lowlights from Antony Mann’s chess career

‘You don’t have to be a complete asshole to get to the top, but it helps’
Dutch No.1 Loek Van Wely spills the beans on his rivals

Grandmaster’s Diary
Tony Kosten sweats in the Land of the Pharoahs

My Friends, the Chess Luminaries
Amatzia Avni drops names

Hack Attack
Jim Plaskett, Simon Williams

The Classical Dutch
Jonathan Rogers explains why this rare defence is due for a revival

Gary Lane’s Grandmaster Myths
Gary Lane puts the record straight

Book Reviews

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