Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 39





Kibitzing with the Poisoned Pawn
Chemical warfare and the carnally desirable opponent disturb our caustic commentator

Gary Lane’s Agony Column
More sound advice from the savvy IM


Northern Man at the ECF
Martin Regan on his campaign to revive English chess


‘I’m going to stand for election for the ECF,’ I declared giddily, ‘and I’m going to create a team to challenge for every directorship.’  My drinking companion, a chess organiser of considerable experience, nodded, rolled the last dregs of wine around his glass and declared sagely: ‘You’re a ******* nutter.’

Grandmaster’s Diary
Tony Kosten turns French

Ex Acton ad Astra: The Golden Age of a Chancer
Osama len Baden revisits the heyday of Raymond Keene and chess publisher Batsford in an intimate portrait of England’s second GM

Ida Woos the French

The Truth about Toiletgate
Justin Horton unmasks the unlikely villains of Elista

Hack Attack

Tibor Karolyi discovers the edgy genius of Garry Kasparov’s brilliantly bizarre ‘half-brother’


‘The Thirteenth World Champion is an only child, but I have discovered that he has a younger half-brother. They had the same chess teacher. Athough he has not acquired Kasparov’s awesome power in the opening, Garry’s half-brother has introduced some stunning novelties and has a fine feel for sharp play.’

Book Reviews

Chess Facts and Fables by Edward Winter
Dealing with d4 Deviations by John Cox
Chess Results 1901–1920 by Gino Di Felice
Tony Miles, England’s Chess Gladiator by Raymond Keene
Devious Chess – How to Bend the Rules and Win by Amatzia Avni
The King – Chess Pieces by Jan-Hein Donner
Why Lasker Matters   by Andrew Soltis

The Immortal Game: a History of Chess    by David Shenk

Reviewing Chess Books
Amatzia Avni

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