Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 40


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‘Publication of the British magazine Kingpin is always an eagerly-awaited event. Issue 40 has just appeared and  contains not only levity but also some deadly serious investigative journalism. Not to be missed.’
– Chess Notes

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It’s Only Chess
Justin Horton laments the game’s lowly status

Machiavelli on Ice
The Story of Brain Games, Raymond Keene’s most audacious scam

‘Oh shit!’ Keene exclaimed, ‘I was hoping that it wouldn’t come out yet…’

Searching for Shlomo Fishbein
Chris Depasquale catches the poker bug

Gary Lane’s Agony Column
More sound advice from the savvy IM

Nona Gaprindashvili: First Queen of Modern Chess
The former World Champion discusses her career and favourite games with Tibor Karolyi

‘Tal played unbelievably when he was drunk. I recall him sacrificing his queen just to entertain people.’

No Longer Searching for Bobby Fischer
Antony Mann on a lost idol

The Chess Artist at Play
Bartek Macieja explores extraordinary creativity

‘The stereotype that chess is a “boring” game is so out of kilter with reality. Every tournament throws up funny games, positions and stories. But to appreciate them you need not only a basic chess education but a sense of the absurd. It is the same with jokes – some of them are impossible to understand without a good sense of humour.’

Dating Advice from a Chess Player
Lothario Jeremy Silman has all you need to know about the love game

What’s the best way to get a chess player to go on a date with me?
If you’re female and have a pulse, any chess player will be delighted to date you.

Hack Attack
Tony Kosten reveals the novelty of the century

Book Reviews

Engaging Pieces: Interviews and Prose for the Chess Fan
Kasparov: How His Predecessors Misled Him about Chess
The Chebanenko Slav according to Bologan
The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
Blindfold Chess
How to Play Chess Endgames
Chess on the Edge, Volume 1
Kings of New York

Let’s Play Techno-Chess!
Amatzia Avni proposes a new form of the game


Hear Kingpin editor Jon Manley talk to IM John Watson about Kingpin 40 and chess at ICC Chess.FM


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