Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 41

‘excellent production quality and content . . .  the only chess magazine worth buying besides NIC

M.K. Lee, Kuala Lumpur


KP 41

UK: £7.00

Europe: £9.00

USA & RoW: £11.00



Kibitzing with the Poisoned Pawn
Carlsen, Kirsan, Gaddafi and a new anagram for Nosher

Hack Attack!
Find those winning combinations

Alternative Histories
Justin Horton
probes neglected areas of chess history

A Switzerland of the Sargasso
Osama len Baden
and Nick de Firmian take a trip to Bermuda

Luke McShane’s Long Game Rules

‘In the “Slow Chess Movement” of the future,’ says Luke McShane, ‘mating attacks are an abominable relic, extravagant manoeuvres are king, and life begins at move 40.’


Is the World’s Flag about to Fall?
Sam Aldridge
explores the bizarre universe of former Brazilian prodigy Mecking

Emil Sutovsky’s Creative Chess

One of the world’s great attacking players describes his most brilliant combination, the best Vishy’s ever seen



Gary Lane’s Agony Column
More sound advice from the shrewd IM

Grandmaster Preparation
GMs Andres Rodriguez,Rafael LeitaoIvan Sokolov and Emanuel Berg discuss upsets, time trouble and tackling well-prepared opponents

The Mysteries of Chess Finally Solved! World, Meet the Alien Theory

‘That the world’s news sources are prepared to accept what passes for the FIDE leader’s brain is a rare example of the upside of chess not being taken seriously.’

Olimpiu G. Urcan on Kirsan and his crazy X-File notions


Book Reviews

”This book could be improved by throwing it away or feeding it to mice. Above all it could be improved by never having been written.’

Discover the worst chess book Justin Horton has ever read

Kazamundo: Vanquisher de los viejos y los jovenes
Kaz Sussman
has a Central American adventure



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