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The British School

‘The British School is characterized by a great show of brilliancy. No idea is too bizarre for them, no concept too fantastic. They are hard workers, to be sure, but rather bent on finding new sensational effects than on constructing something useful. For the main…

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Model Masker trandi waktu ini untuk dipakai Macam maskerseven amat beraneka, ada yang buat menghambat pencemaran atau pencemaran udara, serta ada yang dibentuk spesial buat menghambat penebaran virus yang lebih efisien. Satu diantaranya kelebihan dalam menghambat virus yang terdapat di masa waktu ini merupakan peraturan…

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Gambartogel – Blog judi online terkomplet yang berada di indonesia Perjudian online waktu ini bisa dimainkan secara mudah hanya cukup sejumlah langakah saja, apalagai di kurun serba digital waktu ini. Perubahan abad yang kian modern bikin situs gambartogel membulatkan niat untuk tampil ke judi online…

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Inspired by Tony Miles’ famous two-word book review, several readers have offered suggestions for chess books that should never be written. There are more on Kingpin’s Facebook page.   They say that everyone has a crap book in them, so please send us your ideas!  (Mig…

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The Living Game

  ‘If you watch a video of an old Wimbledon final or Ryder Cup match, you aren’t really re-analysing, you are merely reminding yourself of what happened and suffusing yourself again with the emotions provoked by the original events. But a chess game, after it…

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That’s the Spirit!

Jonathan Rowson A polished pine bedroom in a convent school, Tallinn, Estonia, September 1997. A bottle of whisky, unpacked suitcases, and three drunken chess players playing blitz. Andrew Martin, Simon Williams, Jonathan Rowson. And, our invisible friend, ‘The Spirit’. It is intriguing. It is intriguing…

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