The Last Romantic


 Schmidt – Rossolimo

Heidelberg, 1949

Black to play


This game is annotated in Victor Kahn’s La Conduite de la Partie d’Echecs, an attractive little book brimming with instructive examples of attacking chess. Too bad that it’s in French and long out of print.

One of the great chess Bohemians, Grandmaster Nicolas Rossolimo (1910-1975) is best known for a handful of brilliancies and the popular variation of the Sicilian Defence that bears his name.

This short two-part documentary covers his chess career and life as laundry worker, cab driver, folk singer and cafe owner.

Victor Kahn, La Conduite de la Partie d’Echecs: La Stratégie Moderne (Monaco: Le Triboulet, 1952), pp.137–140.

la conduite de la partie d'echecs small

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