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Spassky’s Toughest Simul

The chess boom triggered by the 1972 Fischer–Spassky match enthused many talented youngsters, especially in Britain. Boris Spassky became an early casualty of the fallout from the ‘English chess explosion’ when he took on a schoolboy squad over 30 boards in 1979. The event was…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 31

  UK: £7.00 Europe: £9.00 RoW: £11.00   The Kingpin Questionnaire Pia Cramling is in time trouble Over the Limit Nigel Davies, substance abuser Gary Lane’s Agony Column Tony Kosten’s Diary Losing My Way to the GM Title Jonathan Rowson dons his hair shirt Capablanca…

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Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 26

    UK: £5.00 Europe: £7.00 RoW: £9.00     The Kingpin Questionnaire Colin Crouch Gary Lane’s Agony Column Gary Lane dispenses invaluable advice What’s the Difference between a ‘Good’ and a ‘Bad’ Performance? Glenn Flear on the vicissitudes of the tournament circuit The Voice…

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