Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 31


UK: £7.00

Europe: £9.00

RoW: £11.00


The Kingpin Questionnaire
Pia Cramling is in time trouble

Over the Limit
Nigel Davies, substance abuser

Gary Lane’s Agony Column

Tony Kosten’s Diary

Losing My Way to the GM Title
Jonathan Rowson dons his hair shirt

Capablanca and Nimzowitsch: A Confrontation . . .
Neil Coward describes an epic clash neglected by chess historians

Glad to be Grey
Glenn Flear’s style matures

Cryptic Chessword

2o12: A Chess Odyssey
Stuart Conquest Plays Tribute to Stanley Kubrick

Memoirs of a Mediocre Chess Player

IM Gary Lane on the 150 Attack

Simultaneous Display
Ed Horton

Hack Attack
Jim Plaskett, Alex Yermolinsky

Edward Winter

The Tel-Aviv Variation
Amatzia Avni

Book Reviews

Playing Children
Jules Welling

Larry Parr, John Watson

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