Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 26


UK: £4.00 

Europe: £5.00 

RoW: £6.00 



The Kingpin Questionnaire
Colin Crouch

Gary Lane’s Agony Column
Gary Lane dispenses invaluable advice

What’s the Difference between a ‘Good’ and a ‘Bad’ Performance?
Glenn Flear on the vicissitudes of the tournament circuit

The Voice of Reason
Nigel Davies sets out a programme to reform national and international chess

Edward Winter

Sophisticated Ideas
Luc Winants explores a Morphy classic

More Ideas in the Blackmar–Diemer Gambit
Gary Lane hacks from move 2

Letter from France
Tony Kosten defends Keene, Kasparov and sacrifices his queen

C.J.S. Purdy: An Unconventional Chess Thinker
Amatzia Avni on the original ideas of a fine writer

Hack Attack
John Emms
James Howell
Aaron Summerscale

Book Reviews
Glenn Flear
James Howell
Tony Kosten
Gary Lane
Tony Miles
Dave Regis
Jonathan Rogers
Edward Winter

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