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The Perfect Suicide

Jeroen van de Weijer   Should we still be playing suicide chess (also known as ‘antichess’, ‘losing chess’, etc.)? After all, computer analysis by Mark Watkins (University of Sydney) has recently shown that White wins (1 e3!) against all defences. In my view, this should…

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The British General Election: Guide to Constituency Candidates – Part 1

  BARKING Dadd, R. Fischer, R.J. Mecking, H. Vaughan, S. Weinstein, R.A.           BARNET Abrahamyan, T. Reinderman, D.           BERKS Giri, A. Nakamura, H. Short, ‘Dr’ N.D.   BICKERING Forum, E.C.F.   BLANDFORD Geuzendam, D.J.t. Marsh, S….

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