• Ron Harman (1938–2014) – A Champion of the Chess Club

    Part 1: A memorable introduction Jimmy Adams   I was an eleven-year-old chess novice and had recently joined the Islington club, which met on Friday nights in the lecture room of a library further down the road from where I lived in north London. The…

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  • Tomi Nybäck: 20 Questions

    Tomi Nybäck was born in Järvenpää, Finland on 3 April 1985. He is Finland’s number one player and has competed in six Chess Olympiads.   What is your earliest memory of playing chess? My father taught me the rules when I was six years old or…

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  • TDF

      ‘Lawson also recalls a tournament in Barcelona where he first heard Short use the acronym “TDF”, which he assumed to be shorthand for some complex tactical ploy. At first he didn’t want to confess his chessic ignorance, but after Short and the American grandmaster…

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  • Old Lothario

    Hugh Alexander: my favourite game ‘good judgement rates at least as high in chess as accurate analysis’ Asking someone who has been playing tournament chess for well over thirty years for his favourite game, is rather like asking an ageing Lothario about his favourite girlfriend. He…

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  • Caissa, Bacchus and Chess Publishing

     Jeremy Silman  As a child (in conservative San Diego), I recall thinking about Omar Khayyam’s ‘A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou.’ Having never imbibed anything other than milk, I couldn’t quite understand what Omar was trying to say. Now we jump…

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