Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 14


UK: £4.00 

Europe: £5.00 

RoW: £6.00 


The Players’ Player
GM Jim Plaskett, IM Paul Littlewood

Ray Keene replies

Kingpin’s Page 7 Fellas

Hungarian Rhapsody
IM Tibor Karolyi

‘New Lady Here Tonight’
Faye Ainscow

The Itinerant Master
IM Malcolm Pein

GM Adrian Mikhalchishin

National Chess Day for Sport Aid
Stephen Fry, Greta Scacchi

Great Swindles Of Our Time
IM Malcolm Pein

Hack Attack

Enter the Dragon (Again)
IM Chris Ward

Tal’s Disciple
IM Neil McDonald

Sophisticated Ideas for Club Players
IM Malcolm Pein

John Roycroft

Correspondence Chess
John Hawkes

Fags for Hebden
GM Heikki Westerinen

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