Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 22


UK: £4.00 

Europe: £5.00 

RoW: £6.00 


The Kingpin Questionnaire
GM Nigel Davies

Sexy Chess Openings
FM Graham Burgess

Chess Computers
Eric Hallsworth

The Old Chess Master
John Healy

Great Swindles of Our Time
IM Nigel Davies

How Good is Your Chess Career?
IM Shaun Taulbut

Talking Bollocks

Secret Channel 4 World Championship Transcripts

Caption Competition

Anagram Competition

How to Perform a Lobotomy
Rajko Vujatovic

Uncle Gary’s Agony Column
IM Gary Lane

Edward Winter

Sophisticated Ideas for Club Players
FM Chris Dunworth

How to Write a Chess Book and Make Loads of Dosh
Phil Crocker

Book Reviews

Publishing News

Hack Attack
IM Chris Ward, GM Mikhail Tseitlin

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