Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 27


UK: £5.00

Europe: £7.00

RoW: £9.00


The Kingpin Questionnaire
Eddie Gufeld lists his likes and self-likes

Gary Lane’s Agony Column
More no-nonsense advice from the well-informed IM

Gary’s Handy Hints
Gary Lane’s fail-safe guide to get the most from your chess

Did Intel Break Its Word to 20,000 Children?
Mike Basman puts Intel in the dock

Article with No Name
GM Tony Kosten on Victor Kupreichik, Etienne Bacrot, fair play and . . . draughts?

The Fine Art of Swindling – Defined
Jonathan Rogers savours a swindle, and tries to find out what the word really means . . .

The Lost Weekend
Stuart Conquest discusses James Joyce, the Irish, drinking and . . . oh yes, a bit of chess

Before and After the IM Title
Susan Lalic explodes the mystique of mastery

• It’s business as usual for Murray Chandler
• The Penguin skates on thin ice at Batsford
• Nosher shoots his mouth off  at Wijk aan Zee
• Fun and games with Laszlo Nagy

Never Forget the Elephant Gambit
Gary Lane watches Mark Hebden and the beast

Edward Winter on Blackburne’s drinking and Marshall’s shortest loss

Old Masters Never Die, They Just Fade Away
Old git Nigel Davies has problems with the youngsters

Scenes from Paris
Jim Plaskett gets tactical

Blood from a Stone
Cocky IM Jonathan Rowson squeezes a win from a barren ending

Amatzia Avni, Stuart Conquest, Colin Crouch, Nigel Davies, John Hodgson, Tony Kosten,
Gary Lane, Ken Whyld

Karpov the Censor?

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