Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 35

KP35UK: £7.00

Europe: £9.00

RoW: £11.00


Kibitzing with the Poisoned Pawn

Gary Lane’s Agony Column

Tony Kosten’s Diary

Bring Back the Guillotine, or Heads Will Roll
Chris Depasquale on chess and sex

Memoirs of a Mediocre Chess Player

Searching for Bobby Fischer, Part 729

The Birmingham Blues
Stuart Conquest’s personal tribute to Tony Miles

The Incomparable Tony Miles
Tibor Karolyi appreciates the games of Britain’s first grandmaster

Miles in His Own Words
Early, unpublished games plus Miles’ notes to his second victory over Karpov

Gary Lane’s Grandmaster Myths

C.P. Ravilious on the colourful Captain Kennedy and some very bad Victorian jokes

Grandmasters of Attack
Colin Crouch compares the tactical giants Tal and Nezhmetdinov

Hack Attack

Book Reviews

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