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Kirsan Kit

Now you can show the FIDE president just how much you worship him with this elegant range of clothes and accessories featuring the image of our beloved leader.

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Hugh Alexander’s Most Painful Blunder

  ‘My position was too good. I saw several winning moves and couldn’t make my mind up between them.’ ‘It occurred in round eight of the preliminaries in the 1958 International tournament. England were playing East Germany, and we were engaged in a desperate struggle to…

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Eye Told You So

‘John Witherow and Fraser Nelson, editors of the Times and Spectator respectively, are happy to employ a hack who regularly steals other writers’ work and passes it off as its own … This isn’t the first time the Penguin has been caught red-handed.’ Private Eye…

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The London Chess Classic Remembered

  Kingpin is privileged to be the first site to publish part of the Official Souvenir Transcript of the 2013 London Classic. (tape shows a stage with chess tables, too many chairs, irritated-looking GMs. A gaunt figure strides into their midst) Welcome to the 2013…

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Happy Bloody Birthday

John Emms I’ve finally decided that playing a competitive game of chess on your birthday is not what it’s cracked up to be. In fact, I’ll be taking measures to ensure this doesn’t happen to me again. It’s all the more painful if it happens…

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