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Bobby Fischer Revisited: Part 2

Nagesh Havanur           Endgame by Frank Brady 402 pages, hardback Crown Publishers, 2011   ‘In life we are all duffers.’ Belgrade, 30 October 1959 Mikhail Tal has won the Candidates’ Tournament. After the closing ceremony he invites fellow participants to…

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Bobby Fischer Revisited: Part I

Nagesh Havanur               Endgame by Frank Brady 402 pages, hardback Crown Publishers, 2011 It all began with wedding bells in Moscow. Regina Wender, a vivacious medical student met Hans Gerhardt Fischer, a handsome scientist in 1933. Regina was…

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10 Seconds with Stewart Reuben

Kingpin reader Eddie Onslow quizzes the tournament director.           Eddie: You are often regarded as a real know-all. Stewart: I know. If you would like to interview a chess personality, send your question to

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Plagiarism watch

In his blog on 7 March 2012 (‘Termitewatch’) Steve Giddins moaned about people . . . ‘. . . clambering repeatedly on their high horses over allegations that Ray Keene may or may not have purloined the odd bit of analysis of the Lisitsin Gambit.’…

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Chess in Venice

 ‘Birthplace of the physical fitness boom of the twentieth century’ mind meets body ‘No camping’ a couple celebrate their engagement with a photoshoot while Humphry defies the ‘dogs off leash’ regulation ‘No fire, fireworks or barbecues’ ‘No golfing’ ‘No silly hats’ On adjoining Venice Beach…

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Chess in NYC

On the street           the ‘Elvis’ sandwich (peanut butter, bacon, banana, maple syrup, optional mayonnaise) is available at the nearby Peanut Butter Company        An evening at Marshall Chess Club     Bill’s memoir Understanding Chess: My System, My…

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