Kingpin Chess Magazine, Issue 28


UK: £5.00

Europe: £7.00

RoW: £9.00


The Kingpin Questionnaire
Yasser Seirawan

The Art of Not Preparing
Nigel Davies

Pawn Storm
Richard Forster

Gary Lane’s Agony Column
Gary Lane Dispenses Invaluable Advice

Gazza’s Gaffes
Colin Crouch

How Good Are You at Emulating Morphy’s Opponents?
Chris Ward

That’s the Spirit!
Jonathan Rowson

The Grand Prix Attack
Gary Lane

Cross Channel Flannel
Tony Kosten

Winning by Blundering
Amatzia Avni

Edward Winter

Hacking with the Scandinavian Dutch
Shaun Taulbut

Book Reviews


Letter from Hungary

From the Book of FIDE

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